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Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign-Trade Zone No. 204 is an integral part of the Tri-Cities region's network of services which, combined with a location convenient to a majority of the country's population, make the area a prime choice for international distribution centers and manufacturers. The FTZ offers importers exclusive benefits that are only available to zone users.

These benefits include the reduction of or elimination of US Customs duties, the elimination of costly duty drawback programs, drastic reduction of transit times and delays at ocean ports, and an invaluable working relationship with the local Customs office. Multiple sites throughout the Tri-Cities region assure prospects of an appropriate and convenient site for their business. Serviced by Customs and Border Protection Port No. 2027 and with all sites situated near the intersection of Intersate 26 and Interstate 81, FTZ No. 204 gives businesses a distinct advantage.

Flexible site solution with a low cost of doing business

Eight general purpose Foreign-Trade-Zone sites ranging in size
from 100 to 1000 acres

Available facilities and undevelopedland provide a variety of
choices for zone access

Customs port #2027 freight forwarding, customs brokerage
services and FTZ operators provide easy access to a global

All FTZ sites strategically located near Interstate 81 and 26,
putting your goods within a days drive to 70% of the population