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Automotive Industry

For automotive companies just starting up or those looking for the best place to expand or relocate, Sullivan County, Tenn., is one of the most strategic business locations in the nation.

Our success begins with an intelligent, highly productive labor force. The Kingsport-Bristol metro labor pool of 123,000 boasts one of the lowest absentee and turnover rates in the country. To enhance educational opportunities for its young people and to continue to provide employers a selection of well-trained applicants from several of the region’s higher education facilities, Sullivan County is the first community in the United States to offer local college scholarships to all high school graduates.

In addition, manufacturing services – such as machining and metal stamping – and more than 40 major auto parts manufacturers are among the cluster of businesses that support the region’s automotive industry. More than 20 automotive and truck assembly plants are located within a five-hour drive of Sullivan County, where thousands of fans and tourists flock to Bristol Motor Speedway and Bristol International Dragway each year.

The county’s transportation infrastructure makes sourcing and distribution simple via Interstates 26 and 81, rail service and commercial air services. A Foreign Trade Zone enables easy international import and processing of auto parts.